Rolling out the Virtual Red Carpet for Identity Film Festival

Student filmmakers are in the spotlight, as judges have submitted their picks for the 2022 Identity Film Festival awards. 

Held virtually once again this year, the festival is a celebration of the ingenuity of WAB students working in film. You can find a complete exhibition of all the student films submitted here, on the Identity Film Festival page. 

“This is not only a showcase of the students’ creative work, but it’s also an intimate experience for our filmmakers to share their experiences,” IB Diploma Programme Film Teacher EJ Callahan said. “This is an opportunity for our whole community to witness, enjoy, and share the truly incredible work our students have produced this year.” 

This year’s film festival featured six judges based in Los Angles and Beijing with professional backgrounds in TV writing and production, film production, animation, media programming, film festival organization, education, and beyond. We'd like to send a special thank you to Lisa Hockley, Steven Sostak, Eileen Gong, Megan Peterson, Ivy Wang, and Ed Steele.

But the voting is not over! The audience can click here to scan a QR code to vote for the best Grade 10 film for the category of Music Score & Sound Design! 

We hope you enjoy all of the films featured at this year’s Identity Film Festival, and we invite you to join us in congratulating the following winners: 

  • Best Middle School Film: Lennox Lee, A Dish Best Served Cold
  • Best Actress: CiCi Meng, Inflection
  • Best Actor: Billy Zheng, Level Up
  • Best Music Composer: Jennifer You, Powers 4 Sale
  • Best Sound Design: Billy Zheng, Powers 4 Sale
  • Best Animator: Tian Tian Xu, Animated Experiments
  • Best Visual Effects: Billy Zheng, Level Up
  • Best Editor: Billy Zheng, Level Up
  • Best Cinematographer: Qi San, Hofstede Inflection
  • Best Writer: Iris Liu, Personal Project Documentary
  • Best Director: Billy Zheng, Level Up
  • Best Picture: Iris Liu, Personal Project Documentary