Re-thinking EdTech with Toddle CEO Deepanshu Arora

The transition to remote learning due to the pandemic accelerated technology's growing role in the classroom. As schools strive to find ways to enhance the learning experience both remotely and on campus, applications like Toddle have become valued platforms with functionalities that cover every element of the learning journey.

Just last year, WAB began using Toddle -- first trialling it among small groups and then rolling it out incrementally and eventually expanding to the entire Elementary School. The platform is designed for teachers to be able to collaborate on unit plans, as well as for students to have access to resources and have the ability to make choices about how they learn, show evidence, and reflect on their journey.

On today's episode of The WAB Podcast, we discuss the evolution of EdTech with Toddle CEO Deepanshu Arora, WAB's PYP Coordinator & Curriculum Coach Jonathan Mueller, and WAB's Head of EdTech Kevin Crouch.

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