Outstanding Early Acceptances and Diverse Pathways of Class of 2024

Outstanding Early Acceptances and Diverse Pathways of Class of 2024

Congratulations to WAB's Class of 2024 for their outstanding early acceptances to universities around the world.  

From Asia to Australia, Europe to North America, a remarkable 103 universities worldwide have extended offers to our graduating class. Furthermore, among these offers, a dozen institutions have also granted scholarships and awards, including the Entrance Award of Distinction, Creative Achievement Award, and Presidential Merit Scholarship. 

The 2024 graduates have received offers in a diverse array of majors and disciplines, spanning renowned and specialized university programs worldwide. These programs include Anatomy, Animation and Games Art, Biology, Business Management, Economics, Education, Graphic Design, International Relations, Medical BioScience, Product Design, Psychology, and Sports Business & Entrepreneurship. The range of programs our students have been accepted into showcases their diverse interests and the broad horizons they will explore in their future endeavors. 

One of our graduates, Michael, will embark on his academic journey in the field of biomedical sciences. He shared that he was excited to be "learning more about the intricacies of the human body and how biotechnology can be used for the betterment of human health." "I greatly appreciate WAB's science department as they've nurtured my passion for this field and have always offered me unwavering support along my academic journey," Michael continued.  

Another Grade 12 student, Cheyanne stated "WAB has provided me with an abundance of opportunities, from student clubs to World of Work, allowing me to explore future learning and career pathways." She further added these rewarding experiences have nurtured my interest in law while equipping me with crucial skills required for university and beyond.  

We wish the Class of 2024 the very best of luck in their future journey. 

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