New MS Science Spaces Ignite Collaboration and Inquiry-Based Learning

New MS Science Spaces Ignite Collaboration and Inquiry-Based Learning

Over the summer, the Middle School (MS) science spaces underwent a transformative renovation. The new world-class science laboratories foster collaborative learning, enable teachers to better support students, and inspire students in their scientific pursuits.

Marisabel Soliman, an MS Science teacher, emphasized the importance of a collaborative environment. “By fostering frequent collaboration, students are able to work truly like a scientific community," shared Marisabel.

The enhanced science spaces also promote learning diversity and flexibility. MS Science Teacher Thomas Howard said, "We could have three different experiments going on at different times, which is amazing."

In the MS science program, students explore four branches of science over the course of a year—physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science(geology). The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) at WAB focuses on inquiry-based learning, guiding students to independently and collaboratively investigate issues through research, observation, and experimentation. 

The MYP sciences curriculum also explores the intersection between science and everyday life. By examining real-world applications of science, students learn about the tensions and dependencies between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics, and the environment.  

Whether studying biology, physics, chemistry, or geology, students at WAB engage in inquiry-based study and hands-on experiences centered around issues relevant to their lives. The new science spaces further support our student scientists, facilitating their research, observation, and experimentation endeavors. 

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