MYP Students Explain Assessment as a Learning Tool

MYP Students Explain Assessment as a Learning Tool

When we hear the word assessment, it’s common to think of tests that evaluate how well we know certain information. We sit down, answer the questions, get a grade back and whether it’s good or bad, we move on.

The approach to assessment in the IB Middle Years Program will make you change the way you think. 

This week on The WAB Podcast, we sit down for a conversation with two Grade 7 students who share their assessment experiences, explain how assessments are personalized, and describe assessments as an opportunity to progress through their learning with choice and ownership. 

"Teachers help you set goals for yourself. They give you feedback. What they want is for you to go out and think, ‘How can I use that feedback to improve myself and what I do in this subject," Grade 7 Alex said on the podcast. 

Tune in for the full conversation!