Junior Grade 1 Entrepreneurs Make Big Impact at Market Day

Junior Grade 1 Entrepreneurs Make Big Impact at Market Day

Students at WAB are never too young to start developing a head for business! On May 24, Junior Grade 1 students hosted Market Day, a bustling sprawl of student-made items including everything from cards, gift bags, play dough and picture frames, to bookmarks, hair accessories, jewelry, wall hangings – you name it!

Market Day is the culmination of learning for students in JG1 for the whole year. The products sold are all things students have been producing throughout the year in their different units of inquiry.

“Market Day is a very special tradition for the JG1 and Swiss School community. It is the culmination of the How We Organise Ourselves Unit of Inquiry and links to earlier units too. The children explore the properties of materials and channel their creativity into how to design and produce different products for the market,” said Karen Lindner, ES Vice Principal.

The market, which has been a tradition at WAB for five years, is a practical example of real-life learning in a meaningful context. The process behind the event encourages students to develop connections with each other and build a sense of responsibility for others and the environment. It also requires students to draw on a range of skills and learning. 

“Children conduct market research to determine prices for their products. They advertise products using different media. They count currency to sell items, give change to customers, and calculate profits. There is a significant sense of ownership by the children, and the excitement in the lead-up to Market Day is tangible. This is one of my favorite events in the school calendar,” said Karen.

Shoppers at the Elementary School playground were greeted by a colorful, creative range of goods, many of them made using recycled or repurposed materials:

“Over the past few years there has been a significant focus on sustainability, and this links to the previous unit where students explore the natural environment as they inquire into How The World Works,” Karen added.

All proceeds from the sales were donated to the Shan Shui Conservation Center and the Animal Hospital near WAB – two causes close to students’ hearts.

“Next door there’s a homeless shelter for dogs and cats and in the winter they have no air conditioning so we’re going to donate our money to the homeless dogs and cats,” said JG1 student Naya.

Thanks to all the ES students, parents and staff who came along and supported our JG1 students’ hard work.

“We hope everyone enjoyed the event and the keepsakes they found while shopping. Students should be very proud of all their efforts in making Market Day. They have demonstrated responsible action for all living things,” said Brittney Conn, Market Day lead and JG1 teacher.

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