Identity Film Festival Celebrates Student Storytelling and Artistic Vision

Identity Film Festival Celebrates Student Storytelling and Artistic Vision

During the annual Identity Film Festival, WAB students showcased their storytelling abilities and artistic expression. The festival featured the premieres of 20 student films on May 15, followed by an awards ceremony on May 17. 

Using film as a medium, our students portrayed diverse narratives, reflecting their creativity, observations, and critical thinking. High School film teacher Patrik Izing highlighted, "I am very happy that all the movies try to tell complete and complex stories." He further said, "The stories in the movies show the students have a lot to say, and there are deep inner worlds that want to be expressed." In Patrik's view, "Our job as a school is to provide a platform for the students to show their talents. Film studies at WAB are continuously growing." According to him, each semester WAB has over a hundred students learning filmmaking. "We are doing our best to give the students the tools and teach them the skills to tell their stories in a cinematic way," said Patrik.  

The film festival also featured the event production talents of Middle School students. Isaac Pena, WAB's Middle School Design teacher, shared, "This is the second year the WABX Productions team has joined the Identity Film Festival. The students were a lot more independent and way more familiar with the whole process." Isaac further added, "This year, all of our hosts for the Awards Ceremony ranged from Grade 7 to Grade 9 students". He also believed this event is "a clear example of how WAB students can use the skills learned in MYP Design and Film to produce a real-life event."  

The process of making a movie is intricate, and the dedication and time invested by students reflect in the quality of their films. Patrik expressed gratitude to the school and other expert teachers for their support, stating, "WAB is one of the best places to learn film in a high school setting." 

The Identity Film Festival and WAB's film program foster a community of passionate storytellers. If you'd like to watch our students' final productions, click this link to view their remarkable movie endeavors.


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