How WAB’s China Studies Trips Enrich Learning

How WAB’s China Studies Trips Enrich Learning

Ever since WAB’s founding almost 30 years ago, China Studies trips have been an integral part of learning. WAB’s China Studies department meticulously plans and organizes annual trips with teachers that take students to some of the most historically and culturally significant destinations in China.

In this week’s WAB Podcast, WAB’s China Studies Director Wenjing Wang and Middle School Principal Marina Frias-Gavidia discuss the importance of these trips for learning and China engagement and reflect on the innovative approach WAB used to keep the learning going throughout the pandemic years.

“No matter what happens, learning continues at WAB. During the pandemic, even though it was a very challenging time for all the schools, at WAB we had a new policy called “bring the outside world in”. So instead of us going out, we brought tons of opportunities into WAB to support the teachers and the learning,” Wenjing said.

China Studies trips comprise of day trips in and around Beijing, as well as “residential trips” that take students further afield for 3-5 days. Starting in Grade 6, students can choose from three themes related to sports, science or art, with China engagement always being the core focus.

“Living here, we have an amazing opportunity to use China as a platform for learning. So when we are talking about curricular links, we look for the units that are best experienced with experts coming in or to go to places. So we go to art villages, we've been to grasslands, we've been to water places so that we can actually see what we're learning in the world beyond school,” said Marina.

Previous trips have taken students to ancient villages, homestays in ancient water towns, major cities like Shanghai and sites of natural beauty like the grasslands. Students have previously also replicated the famous Long March, enjoyed white water rafting, cycling through the countryside and much more.

To learn more about these exciting China Studies trips and also what parents can do to ensure a seamless trip, please make sure to listen to this week’s episode.

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