High School Chamber Music Trio Win “Special Jury” Prize at the International Prokofiev Competition

High School Chamber Music Trio Win “Special Jury” Prize at the International Prokofiev Competition

Three High School students have received the "Special Jury" Prize from the prestigious International Prokofiev Competition. The students – Vicky (Grade 11, Flute), Marcy (Grade 11, violin), and Sunny (Grade 10, violin) – took part in the competition as part of their Day 9 Chamber Music Sessions.

“The teachers at WAB have been an integral part of our preparation, from introducing us to this opportunity to rehearsing with us every Day 9 and ensuring we show the best of our abilities for this competition. I am very thankful for the resources and time WAB provided for our preparation of this event,” said Grade 11 student Marci.

The International Prokofiev Competition was established by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in 1991 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the composer Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953). It aims to give classical musicians a platform to showcase their musical talent and collaborate with each other. The competition has also propelled many noteworthy musicians to the global stage.

Vicky, Marcy, and Sunny took part in two rounds: each submitted a solo performance in the first round and they performed a chamber music piece together in the final round, earning them a "Special Jury Prize."

“We received many opportunities in WAB to learn how to play together as an ensemble,” said Grace 10 student Sunny.

Chamber Music is an integral part of classical music learning, which involves making music in small, focused groups, where each instrument plays an equally important role in a team. At WAB, the High School Day 9 Chamber Music offerings allow serious classical learning and gives students a space to collaborate. The trio have been participating consistently in the Day 9 Chamber Music sessions from the 21-22 school year to present. 

“Being apart of the Tiger Trio, I wanted to get an achievement as an approval for our learning outcome. I want to sincerely thank Ms. Michelle, who provided us with this opportunity and supported us along the way. We will continue to pursue our interests in music and take part in chamber music performances as we further improve ourselves,” Grade 11 student Vicky said.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Sunny, Marcy and Vicky on expanding their understanding and knowledge of what Chamber music is and how they have been able to personalize it in their own music making, individually and collaboratively. The competition was a good opportunity for them to connect with the music world and to challenge them,” said Michelle Yip, High School Music Teacher.

Congratulations to the trio!