Growth and Global Engagement through Model UN

Growth and Global Engagement through Model UN

In this episode of the WAB podcast, we have four special guests: Grade 7 student Mary, Grade 8 student Lachlan, Grade 10 student Ben, and Irina Karimova, the supervisor of WAB's Model United Nations (Model UN / MUN) Club. Together, they shared their inspiration for joining the Model UN club, how they prepared, their experiences, and personal growth along the way.

Irina introduced how the Model UN is a platform for students interested in current affairs to learn and discuss global issues together. During Model UN conferences, students are assigned a country and role-play its delegation. Irina emphasized that the club aims to foster dialogue, broaden horizons, and highlight the importance of collaboration. 

  Ben, who joined the Model UN Club in seventh grade, described how it helped him learn about different countries. As a Grade 10 student, he now has been twice selected as the conference chair. Ben shared the extensive preparation required for this role, such as writing detailed reports to guide delegates' research and providing an overview of the topics. He encouraged other students to participate, assuring them that everyone starts with similar nerves and mistakes, emphasizing the importance of taking the first step. 

 Lachlan, a Grade 8 student, spoke about the significance of considering a country's stance when preparing position papers and opening speeches, particularly for important conferences like UNISMUN, the Model UN Conference held at the United Nations International School in Vietnam. 

 Grade 7 student Mary joined the Model UN Club due to her interest in Geography. And having participated for one year, she has won herself "Most Improved Delegate" at a recent Model UN conference in Beijing. Mary highlighted how her research skills, collaboration, and public speaking abilities have improved through her Model UN experiences. 

 If you're interested in the exciting story behind WAB's Model United Nations club, be sure to tune in to this episode! 

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