Grade 3 Students Guide & Evaluate Grade 10 Designs

Grade 3 students were in charge of evaluating the work of their High School peers.

A recent MYP Design project required Grade 10 students to use Arduino to develop electronic games suitable for their Grade 3 clients. First, the design students surveyed their clients about what types of elements they looked for in a game, such as lights and sounds.

“Once the HS students made the games, some Grade 3s were invited back, and they were enthralled by what they saw,” said Grade 3 Teacher Angela Langlands. “Students were excited about the games, asked engaging questions, and gave feedback about how they could be improved.”

The involvement of Grade 3 students as clients gave an extra level of real-life experience for the High School students and added an authentic opportunity to engage in the design cycle with genuine feedback from users.

And it was not only a beneficial learning experience for the High School students. The Grade 3s were inspired and excited about their opportunities learning design.

“I want to get some of the wires and make the game myself,” Grade 3 student Nathan said. “My game would be like the jumping game where you can't step on the flashlight or Game Over! I want to make the game and then show it to the big kids and they can help me a bit."