Grade 11 Student Wins 2022 EACE Global Art Award with Thought-Provoking Sculpture

Congratulations to Alisa from Grade 11 for winning the gold prize at the 2022 European Association of Culture and Education (EACE) Global Art Creation Award. The competition is the world's first professional youth contemporary art competition established by the EACE and is open to students aged 4-18. It aims to encourage young people to express their thoughts on environmental protection and science through contemporary art. The British Association for Experimental Art Education is the academic support body for the project.

This years’ theme was “One Earth”, which can be understood as a global call to action to promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature by protecting biodiversity, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and promoting harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Alisa created a thought-provoking sculpture called “Invisible Damage”, which depicts a series of feet cast in resin. Alisa sought to trigger reflection on the use and impact of nuclear waste on our planet. In her own words:

“Nuclear pollution, a kind of pollution that is very harmful both to the environment and to human beings, is the damage to the environment caused by the remnants of leaking nuclear substances, including pollution caused by nuclear radiation, atomic dust, etc. itself. The effects of nuclear contamination on humans and the environment are actually enormous. By making this work, I hope to bring the world's people's attention to the harm caused by nuclear waste water to human beings, and the impact on the marine environment if nuclear waste water is discharged into the sea.” 

Congratulations to Alisa on her achievement! Check out the Celebrating Our Students page to follow more achievements from WAB students.