Get Ready for WABX to the MAX

Get Ready for WABX to the MAX

WABX to the MAX is happening this Saturday, September 16! All High School Season 1 teams will take part in thrilling competitions and events.  

So what exactly is WABX to the MAX? We asked our Athletics and Activities Director to find out more: 

What is WABX to the MAX? 

Since 2011, the WABX to the Max Festival has captivated students with its dynamic blend of sports and arts. As a yearly sports and arts festival, the name itself signifies the maximum utilization of WAB's sports and arts venues, hence maxing out the facilities with activities.  

No matter their interests, be it cross-country, tennis, volleyball, swimming, or playing musical instruments, our talented students will have their skills showcased during this festival. They will also have the opportunity to compete off-campus. This Saturday, varsity tennis and volleyball will take place at ISB and BCIS, respectively. Parents can access the full WABX to the Max calendar via this link. 

Why is WABX to the MAX such an important part of the WAB Calendar? 

It is a multi-component festivalthat really allows students to develop valuable early-season experience and gain a lot of confidence in a big event. 

As this event takes place early in the season, there is no pressure on the students to perform. As a result, the students can enjoy the competition and interaction with like-minded students from other schools. 

Anything else we should know about WABX to the MAX? 

The festival really fosters unity among students from different sports and arts disciplines. When students are resting from their activity, they go and support students in other activities. 

The WAB to the Max Festival now has become a regular calendar event highlighting September. There was even a Spring Edition of the festival held in 2014. By 2016, the festival reached its peak with the participation of 750 high school students from 16 different local and visiting schools. 

As the upcoming weekend approaches, our High School students are eagerly anticipating the challenges and activities that await them. It's a time for them to perform, compete, and forge lasting friendships.  All families are welcome to come and support our High School students as they take their activities to the MAX! 

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