G2 Students Express Themselves and Advocate for Change

G2 Students Express Themselves and Advocate for Change

In this episode of the WAB Podcast, we're joined by Grade 2 teacher Nisha Qureshi, who shared insights into the previous Unit of Inquiry (UOI) titled "How We Express Ourselves and How Voice Can Inspire Change." 

Nisha explained that the objective of this unit was to help young learners establish tangible connections within the WAB community. She stated, "We decided to come up with the idea that voice can inspire change." By exploring the purpose of communication and how people advocate for change, Grade 2 students identified topics and areas where they wanted to advocate, linking themselves with the community through persuasive letter writing.

As part of the unit, students also recorded themselves reading letters, which were transformed into QR codes for the WAB community to listen to. Their ideas for change ranged from requesting larger lockers and planting more trees to suggesting the construction of an additional playground. Nyra, a Grade 2 student, proposed a "no shoes" policy on the classroom carpet, while her peer, Seohyung, recommended the introduction of non-English after-school activities, allowing students who are non-native English speakers to enjoy activities in their home language.

Nisha emphasized that when students are engaged in meaningful learning experiences that align with their interests and give them agency, it becomes a form of personalized learning. Additionally, the collaborative nature of this unit allowed students to connect with fellow learners, making their learning experience more meaningful as well. 

To learn more about the Grade 2 UOI on "How We Express Ourselves", be sure to tune in to this episode. 

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