From After-School Activity to Robotics Champions: WAB Students Win Robotics Design Award

From After-School Activity to Robotics Champions: WAB Students Win Robotics Design Award

It was a moment of excitement and pride for team “Brain Freeze”, as they were announced as winners of the Best Design Award at the 2023 ACAMIS Lego League Competition. The team, made up of five WAB Middle School students – Alex, Ernest, Ethan, Joseph, and Maxwell – wowed judges with their unique robot designs and autonomous navigation skills.

The competition was held at Dulwich College Beijing and was part of the “First Lego League” global competition. It brought together 17 teams from six schools to compete in a robotics challenge that tested students' skills in designing, building, and programming robots using Lego EV3 kits.

The members of the Brain Freeze team are truly passionate about robotics. Since taking part in a robotics After-school Activity (ASA) at WAB, the students formed their own team dedicated to improving their robotics skills with an aim to compete in as many competitions as possible.

“I enjoyed working and coding together with my teammates, preparing for the competition, and getting an award. In the competition, I specifically enjoyed the "robot game" part of the competition. Even though we did not win that category, our robot did way better than in practice and we ended up doing fine. I’m looking forward to attending more robot-related competitions and ASAs next,” said Alex S. from Grade 8.

According to the team supervisor Simon Furmston, the students' preparation leading up to the competition was rigorous, but also a lot of fun.

“The students had to learn how to program their own robots first using a Robotics emulator. In this they learnt how to get the robot to make autonomous decisions based on its environment using sensors. This included learning how to program using the Ultrasonic sensors to sense distance, a color sensor to sense lines on the map floor and a gyro sensor which helped to turn accurately. A key lesson was also learning to get the robot to use the gyro sensor to make it move perfectly straight by making micro corrections as it veered off course. 

Then they had to transfer that in the coding of physical robots in a team environment. When they were put into the teams they had to mix their technical skills with social and collaborative skills.”

Participating in the First Lego League competition was a great learning experience for the students, who gained valuable skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and teamwork. It was also an opportunity for the students to meet other teams, see the problems they tackled and be inspired.

The competition also challenged students to think outside the box and their creativity didn't stop at building robots: they also crafted an impressive "Brain Freeze" logo that was emblazoned on a set of team hoodies.

Thanks to the opportunities and support given to the students at WAB to pursue their interest in robotics, team “Brain Freeze” is unleashing their potential and looking forward to conquering many more robotics competitions.


Take a look at this student-made video of WAB’s robotics students in action.


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