For 2nd Consecutive Year, WAB is China's Most Innovative International School

For 2nd Consecutive Year, WAB is China's Most Innovative International School

For the second consecutive year, WAB has been named China’s most innovative international school. 

KingLead, a leading provider of international school resources, research, and evaluation, released their annual rankings as part of their China International School Innovation Competitiveness Top 100. The panel of judges, which includes professors from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge, ranked our school #1 in 2020 and now again in 2021. 

“Being recognized as a leading innovative school for two years in a row is a strong testament to our unwavering commitment to deeply explore learning that is happening across our school,” WAB Head of School Dr. Marta Medved Krajnovic said. “Based on the expertise of our teachers and learning leaders, as well as based on the research and conversations on innovation in education happening globally, we continuously strive to create impactful and joyful learning experiences. Learning and teaching innovation for WAB is not a short-term project happening in some parts of our school. It is who we are and it affects all WAB students and educators. We are very proud that our innovative energy has been recognized once again." 

“It’s really encouraging to receive this recognition again, particularly in light of the challenges we have all been facing over the last couple of years,” said Stephen Taylor, WAB’s Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching. “We are grateful to our colleagues, students and families for their support, and for the inspiring global community of international schools and educators seeking to make a difference.”  

Throughout the evaluation and ranking process, judges look at indicators such as certifications and accreditations, faculty members with higher education, educational philosophy, curriculum integration, faculty-to-student ratio, learning innovation and brand development. 

To learn about some of the innovative teaching and learning practices at WAB, tune into The WAB Podcast, visit The Future of Learning at WAB website, and explore our News page.