Exploring the Importance of CIS Deep Dive Pathway 2 through its Evaluation Visit

Exploring the Importance of CIS Deep Dive Pathway 2 through its Evaluation Visit

During the Council of International Schools (CIS) Deep Dive Pathway Two evaluation visit at WAB, Stephen Taylor, the Director of Innovation in Learning and Teaching, took on the role of host in this week's episode. He engaged in a conversation with two special guests from the recent CIS visit: Mary Powell, the School Support and Evaluation Officer for the Council of International Schools, and Kate Benson, the Primary School Principal and PYP Coordinator at Vilnius International School. Together, they explored the significance of Deep Dive Pathway 2 and how its evaluation process assists schools in reflecting on their daily practices and strategic goals. 

Stephen expressed how much he has enjoyed being able to share the meaningful work that WAB has been doing with CIS and other peers. During the visit the community at WAB engaged in numerous morning workshops with CIS, our students, and our parents, allowing for reflection on the school's work.  

Kate, one of the CIS evaluators, shared her perspective on the process. She believed that having peers as constructive supporters was valuable as they provided a mirror for self-reflection and pushed thinking.  

She also likened the CIS visit at WAB to professional development, as it allowed Vilnius International School to review its strategic roadmap for the future. She commended WAB for involving students, alumni, parents, and the board in the strategic planning process, highlighting the high degree of inclusion. WAB is "finding an innovative way to get everybody's voices heard," said Kate.  

Mary, emphasized CIS's goal of facilitating a community-based evaluation visit, enabling schools to consider their practices and identify areas for improvement through a standards-based reflection process. "We want the accreditation process to add value to our schools," she said.  

WAB is among the first few schools to participate in the Deep Dive Pathway 2 process. Mary pointed out that "Some of the things that have stood out to me in terms of WAB’s approach to Pathway 2 have been the amount of community engagement that you've had."  

The CIS pathway offers various deep-dive options for schools, including learning and teaching, well-being, and global citizenship. WAB chose to focus on the latter. Mary mentioned she also had some wonderful conversations with students at WAB about their engagement in the projects, and how they have been empowered to take leadership roles in the school in a range of initiatives and programs, some of which are directly related to the Pathway 2 projects.  

To learn more about the relationship between WAB's Strategy 2022+ and the accreditation process, and how it aligns with CIS pathway options, don't miss out on this episode! 

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