Explore WAB's 2020 University Matriculation

Explore WAB's 2020 University Matriculation

Western Academy of Beijing is proud to announce university admissions our Grade 12 students have secured for their future studies.

The WAB Class of 2020 followed in the footsteps of graduates who came before them, earning offers to join some of the world's most specialized and prestigious programs around the globe.

"In this class, you will find the musician, the architect, the economist, the engineer, the artist, the writer, the mathematician, the dancer, the chemist, and the actor that you would find in some high schools around the world," WAB's High School Counselors Michelle Chow-Liu and Anibal Bogliacinni said in an email. "However, it is the depth and preparation that the class of 2020 have at WAB that has made a lasting impression.  In more than 25 years of helping and assisting students with university admissions, we have never encountered such a distinct and varied class as the WAB's Class of 2020."

WAB's 2020 Confucius Scholar, Alicia Liu, is excited about beginning her studies of English Literature and Human Social Political Sciences next year at the University of Cambridge. Alicia says she is excited to meet new friends, study internationally, and discover a more clear career path. She credits the support she received from teachers and the way that people at WAB helped her learn to take ownership of her life. It will be these important lessons that she believes will support her through the coming years.

"The level of freedom at WAB taught me that everything in life is up to me and prepared me to make good choices," Alicia said. "Everyday at WAB, we make tons of small choices. These small choices accumulate to make a huge difference. WAB also taught me how to react when things don't meet expectations, and how to fail gracefully. WAB is a home that I know I can fall back on. Thinking of this will always give me the courage to step forward."


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