Elementary School Unveils New Design Spaces

Elementary School Unveils New Design Spaces

The Elementary School (ES) design classrooms have undergone a comprehensive renovation this summer, resulting in enhanced possibilities and functionality for our ES students.

We define learning as challenging and joyful at WAB, but being fun doesn't mean students are not learning. WAB's robotics program starts in our Early Years program when students are first introduced to Bee-Bot and how algorithms can be used to create desired movements.

As students' knowledge progresses, they are introduced to more complicated models. "When they get to Grade 2, we move on to the Dash Bot, which has many more features like sounds and lights and more variety of movements," explained Chris Murry, Design Teacher at Elementary School (ES).

Apart from the challenging robotics program, the ES design learning also paves the way for our students' pursuit of further studies. "What we do in the ES design program directly connects up to Middle School design. So all of the skills that the students are learning in our classes with all of our projects, whether it's robotics, whether it's prototyping, or simply using the design cycle, all those skills directly relate to the projects that they're going to be doing later," explained Douglas Taylor, ES Design Tescher.

The new design spaces have left our students amazed and delighted, as they prepare to embark on an exciting year of learning.

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