ES Remote Learning Highlights

ES Remote Learning Highlights

The switch to remote learning recently did not stop our students and teachers from engaging in joyful and impactful learning. According to Catherine Pierre-Louis, Elementary School Principal: “We nailed the transition to remote learning. It’s taken a lot of energy but WAB super heros have been able to show up with energy, validate feelings and support each other. Our incredible team have been reimagining learning in an online space and making it happen. It’s been lovely to see.”

Evidence of this great engagement can be seen in the many different activities that have been taking place. So many amazing things have been happening we couldn’t feature them all in this article but below is a pretty good snapshot!

Senior Grade 1 Unit of Inquiry on “How We Organize Ourselves”

Senior Grade 1 students have been learning about transportation as part of their “How We Organize Ourselves” Unit of Inquiry, which is centered around the idea that different forms of transportation provide ways for communities to connect. Students have been exploring what transportation means, the different types and uses of transportation and what kinds of transportation students use themselves. As part of the learning, students have been applying for permits, designing and building their own communities with a focus on providing transportation and the needed systems so communities can connect.

One student built a hospital out of cardboard, which included many small details including a front desk and a computer for the doctors in the patient rooms:

Learning about Keeping Warm in Antarctica

115 Grade 5 students and eight teachers were completely enthralled by a presentation about keeping warm in Antarctica by Middle School science teacher Ms. Dani Dipietro, who spent 13 months there. Her presentation created a great connection to the How the World Works Unit of Inquiry on heat & energy. 

Community Meeting:

Grade 3 wrapped up the week with a weekly Community Meeting. “We said goodbye to Henry with comments about what others will miss, a few jokes, and a community game of "Guess Who?", said Grade 3 teacher Angela Langlands.

Meanwhile, Grade 5 students had a lot of fun during their recent morning meeting with Grade 5 teacher Jordan Redstone. The children played a game called “Strike a pose”, using pictures of football players as inspiration.


Students across different grade levels have been using nature as inspiration to make beautiful artwork.

Chinese Language Class:

ES Chinese teacher Hershey He has been impressed with some of the extra-curricular things her students are doing: “Grade 4 Mia and Elma use their free time creating vocabulary books on book creator. They are such agentic learners,” she said.

In Grade 5, Ms. He used Loom to record students’ writing feedback: “I feel it works better than words. For me, I focus more on building the learning conversation with students to help them become independent learners in online learning.”


In design, Grade 2 and 3 students have been practicing their photography skills using framing and perspective to tell stories. Grade 4 students have been creating animations using Keynote.