The New Elementary School Library

The New Elementary School Library

Elementary school students were wowed when they had their first library classes this year.

The newly renovated Elementary library was designed to spark the joy and curiosity of students, with warm, welcoming colors, curved shelves with lots of reading nooks, and interactive elements. A range of flexible learning spaces have also been incorporated into the layout.

Whether it be for class discussions, collaborative projects, individual study, or group reading activities, students have access to an array of areas that cater to their diverse needs and preferences. "This allows students to choose the environment that best suits their learning styles," said Beth Rohrbeck, ES librarian. 

"I am most excited that the library includes more inviting reading corners, cozy seating areas, and flexible spacing to encourage a love for reading and improve students' literacy skills," added Beth. 

The ES library's collection of books has also been updated. Students have access to the most current and relevant fiction and nonfiction from a range of countries as we strive to reflect our community in our library collections.  

The new ES library not only supports a range of varied learning styles, it is also built with many exploratory features, such as a Tibetan tower leading to a mezzanine reading area and a Forbidden City-inspired hut. These elements help engage students and inspire them to spend more time in the library and find the joys of being lost inside a book.


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