Day 9 Update: Making Time for Student-driven Learning

Day 9 Update: Making Time for Student-driven Learning

Now in its third year, Day 9 has evolved into a favorite opportunity among students and teachers to engage in unique, personalized, and impactful learning experiences.

Every Day 9, students have the opportunity to sign up for a series of workshops throughout their school day, which cover a range of topics and activities including academics, community service, well-being, leadership, and more. They can also choose to create and lead workshops or projects.

“By providing choice, students are learning to take ownership of their own learning and advocate for themselves,” Middle School Vice Principal Huiman Cheng said. “Mentor teachers support students with their Day 9 selections by having conversations with them about their workshops and guide students to balance their choices and select workshops that students need for their learning.”

On Day 9s, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves to extend their learning in the academic subjects of their choosing. Other students are doing formal leadership training with Inspire Citizens. Many have worked on unique projects or taken trips off campus to engage with local cultures, volunteer at charity organizations, or explore science museums.

Grade 6 student Liam is using Day 9s to work with his science, humanities, math, and design teachers to create an interdisciplinary unit that will result in the development of a sustainable garden outside WAB’s Middle School building.

In the High School, Grade 11 student Ava is using her interests in biology and art to lead a series of workshops teaching anatomic drawing.

Tune into this week’s episode of The WAB Podcast to hear more from Liam, Ava, and Huiman.