Artificial Intelligence in Education: WAB is Ready for AI

Artificial Intelligence in Education: WAB is Ready for AI

Although AI has been embedded in our lives for many years (often without us even realizing), AI tools have made huge breakthroughs in a very short timeframe. For the first time, many of these newly developed tools have become easily accessible to the public.

In parallel to the excitement and curiosity associated with these advances is a growing need to understand the impact that AI will have on the education sector, especially as education-focused AI tools become more prolific. We also need to understand how these tools can be leveraged to help students enhance their learning and future career prospects in a safe way.

In our latest WAB Podcast episode, co-host Stephen Taylor, Director of Innovation in Learning and Teaching, gives listeners a thorough overview of what WAB’s approach to AI is and how we’re preparing our whole school community for the future. We’re also joined by a special guest whose thoughts about how AI might help students succeed in the world leave a lot of food for thought. Listen to the episode for the big reveal!

“It's time to be adventurous, but cautious and to make sure that we're doing the right thing with our kids: that we're keeping them safe, that we’re maintaining data integrity, that they learn first about the ethics and what the right thing to do is when these new technologies emerge,” Stephen said.

As Stephen points out in the conversation, we’re just at the beginning of the journey with AI, but as a school at the forefront of innovation in education, WAB is optimistic about the potential of AI and is continuously researching and preparing.

“There's a big team of us doing the research to find out more, to help teachers not be overwhelmed by the massive proliferation of tools that have become available. We are helping people focus on what's important, supporting them in the things that will allow them to promote the best possible learning for our students,” Stephen added.

Make sure to listen to this week’s podcast for more details about how we’re preparing our school, what excites us about the future of AI in education, and what resources we have for our parents to keep them informed. Don’t miss this episode!

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