The ECIS HUB is a partnership between WAB and ECIS to foster teacher professional development in the Asia region.





To keep up with students need to learn to be successful in the future, teachers need to continuously be developing new skills and knowledge that will allow them to serve their students' changing needs. WAB is proud to partner with ECIS to support this learning for all teachers in the region.

Leadership 2023: Culture & Change

27-29 April 2023
International School of Düsseldorf

The 2023 Conference theme Culture and Change welcomes school leaders and other educators to conversations and collaborations that reflect what we do best: learn from experience. Organizational culture, Edgar Schein, wrote ‘the only thing of real importance that leaders need to do is to create and manage culture. If you do not manage culture, it manages you.  The unique talent of leaders is their ability to understand and work with culture. In a school context, with the enormous array of responsibilities within the leader’s role, a key responsibility is to manage the culture of the school. Furthermore, effective management of the culture can be one of the most powerful tools for school improvement.

How can we understand the culture of our schools and put measures in place to create a powerful, and self-sustaining, model for improvement to enable all school communities to flourish?

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CTP: Change through Partnership: Student-Led Conference and Programme: October 15, 2022 and April 2, 2023

CHANGE through Partnership – In association with International School London 

CHANGE through Partnership or CtP is designed to support your school in moving from a classic model of service to one of community partnership. CtP will consist of a fall conference and a spring conference with more support during the school year.  


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Continued Commitment and Child Protection Trainings
Child protection courses offered by ECIS in partnership with ICMEC are a foundation for many schools around the globe. ECIS offers a China Specific Course in Mandarin.

Register Free for Many Events
Learn more about what's coming up at ECIS over the next few months, including the 2022 Virtual Leadership Conferences this April.

IPGCE with Tes
ECIS is proud partners with Tes Institute and offers their International Teacher Training and Development. ECIS Members can take advantage of a 5% discount on this university-certified international teacher qualification.

More Middle Leaders Courses
ESCS's MLCs have grown in depth and balance. They now offer 8 options for courses, 4 of which are required for certification. ECIC facilitators Helen Morgan, Nancy Squicciarini, Teresa Belisle, Jimena Zalba and Jim Ellis will be seeking continual improvement by visiting each other’s’ courses, and sharing best practice.  Next school year, Nunana Nyomi will add another course to the smorgasbord. By offering more courses, we will extend the opportunity for participants to reach certification within a year. Flexible timing will provide for better accessibility for colleagues in Asia.

New Leadership Training
ESCS's highly acclaimed facilitator Helen Morgan will extend the provision of its bespoke school leadership courses.  All leadership courses are listed via the ECIS calendar.

ECIS Courses and Certification
ECIS supports thousands of international educators and leaders throughout the world. Have a look at the range of courses, all designed to add value to your professional development and benefit WAB's learning community

ECIS is commitment to promoting diversity, equity , inclusion and justice. A cohort of educators work together exploring learning together, creating community, and building a sense of belonging in our schools towards actionable strategy. LEARN MORE

ECIS Insightful Magazine
ECIS is always interested to hear from educators. Visit Insightful to learn more about how you can share your ideas and experiences with the world.

Developing Global Awareness and Commitment to Equity and Justice
ECIS is re-writing its Global Perspectives online course to reflect its and its member schools' commitment to DEIJ, as well as the ever-changing world in which we live. The new course will feature identity, cultural influences and biases and intercultural sensitivities, and engaging with diversity and embracing inclusion will all be features of the new course. The course will be designed for staff, students, and families transitioning to new schools and cultural settings It will be suitable for transition and mentoring program as well as classroom teaching. READ MORE

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