WAB Graduate Earns Spot on NCAA Volleyball Team

WAB Graduate Earns Spot on NCAA Volleyball Team

WAB Alumni Sabrina Krebs had success on the court as a WAB Tiger, and will now continue to develop her volleyball career at New York University.

Sabrina, who was Western Academy of Beijing's Class of 2016 Confucius Scholar, earned a tryout and made the varsity roster after more than a year of training to prepare herself for collegiate athletics.

Internationalism, diversity, a great nutrition program and an opportunity to play volleyball: These were the 'must-have' characteristics Sabrina identified as the most important in her university search. More than one year before graduating Grade 12, Sabrina recognized that NYU offered everything she wanted in a school. Sabrina sent a personal highlight reel to head volleyball coach and received the school's volleyball-tailored workout plan to help her prepare for the transition from high school to the National Collegiate Athletics Association Division III team.

At the end of August, Sabrina took to the court with several other young women to demonstrate her skill in a tryout session.

"It was during these two days of tryouts that I truly appreciated the extent to which my time at WAB had prepared me," Sabrina said. "My WAB volleyball coaches used a holistic approach to the game and taught me the skills and knowledge which set me apart from the other athletes."

Sabrina said she is grateful to the WABX Athletics program and its focus and developing well-rounded players who can effectively play multiple positions and work with the strengths of teammates. Community volleyball sessions and practicing at 101 Middle School in Beijing also contributed to her dedication and, eventually, her success.

Congratulations, Sabrina. The WAB community and Tiger athletes are excited to watch you compete and develop at the next level.