WAB Class of 2018 IB Results & What They Mean for Students

WAB Class of 2018 IB Results & What They Mean for Students

Congratulations to the Western Academy of Beijing Class of 2018 on continuing our school's tradition of excellence in the IB Diploma Programme.

Western Academy of Beijing is proud of the students who posted outstanding scores overall, earning an average of 34.6 points - significantly higher than the 29.9 world average. Exceptional scores in higher-level classes such as math, visual arts, and chemistry show the accomplishments of our students as well as the dedication of our faculty across all subject areas to provide a well-rounded education.

While high point totals reinforce WAB's commitment to a world-class education, it is the stories behind the scores that truly measure each individual student's success.

"We are so proud of the Class of 2018 students for their accomplishments in the IB Diploma Programme," said WAB's DP Curriculum Coordinator Scott Lindner. "WAB's innovative delivery of the Diploma Programme sets the standard for schools around the world, and our celebration of more than just their exam results makes us unique. Not only do our students out-perform global averages, they are supported by a faculty that help them identify personal measures of success and inspire them on an individual level to exceed their own expectations."

One of these students was Keegan Watene. A longtime expatriate from New Zealand, Keegan's introduction to and advancement in Chinese language opened up opportunities to continue his Chinese studies and take the next step toward his dream career in international business.

"When I started the Diploma Programme, my teacher and I knew that Chinese was going to be a challenge for me," he said. "But she encouraged me to make it a priority in my studies, helped me find extra course work and a tutor, and supported me throughout my progress. By the end of the DP, I raised my IB score by three points over the previous year."

Another outstanding example of how WAB delivers the Diploma Programme was with graduate Chris Kim. For his Extended Essay, which is the pinnacle of the interdisciplinary and practical approach of the DP, Chris blended two subjects and wrote about world studies and global politics. He took an interest in Syria's refugee crisis and linked his research and action with the CAS requirement to graduate.

Our school's special connection with the arts was one reason Ollie Vickers felt at home here at WAB. Ollie was able to work with his teachers to identify his vocal strengths, build relationships around the world, and continue to pursue his love of music in an academic setting. During his time at WAB, Ollie developed his skills, competed in the Beijing Young Musician of the Year competition, and is now on his way to Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide to continue singing.

Stories like these showcase why Western Academy of Beijing is one the IB's seven preferred training schools around the world and why WAB's delivery of the Diploma Programme stands out worldwide.

Exam results and statistics may make it easy to evaluate a student's performance in the Diploma Programme, but their individual experiences at WAB pave the way for success in specialized university programs and the professional world.