WAB Alumna Returns to Work with High School Artists

WAB Alumna Returns to Work with High School Artists

Eirdis Ragnarsdottir is excited about her artwork making its way to international exhibitions at the Louvre and in Milano.

The WAB Class of 2012 graduate, who has enjoyed exceptional success and popularity in art communities, was on the WAB campus this week to share her journey and insights with Diploma Programme Art students.

View Eirdis’ work on her website, www.eirdis.com, or on her Instagram @eirdis.

Eirdis mainly works in oil painting and mixed media, and much of her work explores themes of interpreting and “de-interpreting” symbolism that surrounds our lives. After graduating from WAB, she studied traditional oil painting at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, and earned a BA in psychology and philosophy from Gallatin, New York University. Throughout her career, she has held exhibitions throughout Asia and the United States, published her work around the world, and grown popular among the art community on social media.

During her two-day visit to the art studios with WAB’s High School students, she workshopped students’ artwork and encouraged them to “love yourself, accept yourself, and prepare yourself.”

"There was a palpable excitement in the studio during Eirdis' workshops. I think the fact that she was able to relate so well to the students' own experiences, being at WAB, and studying the DP, she had an ability to connect with them on many different levels," DP Art Teacher Tarna Eupene said. "Her passion for the work and the fact that she was able to communicate this so clearly and beautifully was really inspiring to watch. It was a real gift having her share her knowledge and experience. The importance of real-world connection can't be overstated."

Students in the classroom agreed.

"It was interesting to experience the process, and understand what it might be like to actually work and live as an artist," Grade 11 student Lucas H. said. "I was surprised she was so active and full of life and passionate about her work. I hope I can follow my dreams the same way."

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