WAB Alum Joins McGill University Redbirds

WAB Alum Joins McGill University Redbirds

If you told Sam Hou in Grade 9 that in just five years he'd be suiting up for a major university basketball team in North America, he'd have called you crazy.

Now, just a few weeks into his first year at McGill University in Montreal, the WAB Class of 2016 graduate has signed an offer that will take his basketball game to the next level. As a "red shirt" freshman, Sam will be training and working out with the McGill Redbirds in order to earn playing time on the roster.

The result of countless hours in the gym and perfecting his skills were what caught McGill's attention, but because of his passion for the game, Sam never felt that his training was too hard.

Sam believes that basketball brings people together. He met his best friends playing the game and he's been fortunate enough to travel the world because of it – but Sam knows could not have reached this point on his own.

"I am forever grateful to the WAB coaches who taught me and pushed me to develop," Sam said. "My coaches taught me the fundamentals of the game and how to transition to a higher level. They helped me turn my weaknesses into strengths. They were supportive and taught me not only how to be a better basketball player, but how to be a better person."

The WAB community has so many great memories of Sam from his days as a Tiger athlete. We are proud of Sam and excited to see where his passion and dedication to basketball take him next. Whether we're in the stands, in front of the TV, or following you online, WAB is behind you all the way, Sam!

"If I were to give any advice, I would say just follow your dreams no matter how big, and never let anyone tell you that you can't do it. A lot of people told me I wouldn't make the varsity team as a freshman – well, I made it. Then people told me I'd never make it to college and again, here I am."