Students & Alumni Share Stories in Inkblot's Winter Issue

Students & Alumni Share Stories in Inkblot's Winter Issue

WAB High School's student-run magazine is releasing its new issue.

An entirely digital publication on WeChat, Inkblot began publishing its winter issue one story a day through its official account. You can click on the links below to directly to the stories or scan the QR code to the right to go to the Inkblot WeChat account.

An Ode to WAB: A Celebration of the Ordinary (Read the full story here)
by Hannah G.

"If you have walked to the HUB at the start of the day, you have noticed women dancing next to Duck Lake...They usually dance in groups to modern Chinese songs, doing fan dances and minority dances which are traditional dances that represent China's ethnicities. These dances add a little slice of Chinese culture to our campus, something I think we should all take notice of more often.


Pūrerehua: Butterflies Flying Home (Read the full story here)
by Scarlett B.

"When the first cases in China started building up, my family made the decision to go back to New Zealand, our home country...One of the most memorable things I remember doing in New Zealand was watching the butterflies hatch. It made our entire family stop and focus on this one, small thing. After all, we had time."

Alumni Advice - Inktober, an Exercise in Imperfection (Read the full story here)
by Mo H.

"During the month of October I and many other artists participated in an art challenge commonly known as Inktober. Initially a small inking challenge, Inktober has grown massively in popularity. The challenge is simple: create one ink drawing every day throughout the month of October."



Quarantine, Halloween, and Everything in Between (Read the full story here)
by Anna B.

"Coronavirus changed the way I do so many things, I don’t even know where to start. You know what, I think I’ll start with the fact that my drawers that were once filled with snacks are now filled with masks. That I don’t leave the house without double checking where I put my hand sanitizer. That I hold my breath while walking through crowds of people until I feel like I’m about to pass out."