Alumni Spotlight: Nick Arbenz

Alumni Spotlight: Nick Arbenz

As we kick off the 2023-24 school year Alumni story series, we proudly introduce Nick Arbenz.  

Nick left WAB with a passion for broadcasting, which led him to graduate from Southampton Solent University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Television Production Technology.  

He started his professional career as a visual engineer for NEP Group, a Pennsylvania-based international production company that provides outsourced production for live sports, entertainment, music, and other major events. Since then he has worked on broadcasting projects for Netflix, Wimbledon Tennis, Glastonbury Festival, Rugby World Cup, Major League Baseball, and more. 

Nick's passion for broadcasting was sparked while in High School at WAB, where he joined, and later led the Tiger Sports and Entertainment Network (TSEN). 

Reflecting on his passion for broadcasting, Nick attributes its allure to the inherent problem-solving nature of the field. "I love broadcasting because I like problem-solving," Nick said. "The more we ask, the more we learn. That is how I believe we can achieve success in work and in life." 

As Nick embarks on his broadcasting journey, we wholeheartedly wish him the very best in his pursuit of a fulfilling career.  

If you are an alumnus with an inspiring story to share, we invite you to reach out to us via this email. We would be delighted to feature your journey and celebrate your achievements here at WAB.