WAB in the Hood: Class of 2012 Hoodies

WAB in the Hood: Class of 2012 Hoodies

For the past 4 years now, students in the graduating class have been receiving a Senior "hoodie" (a sweatshirt with a hood), usually on their last day of High School. This year the process was started earlier so that the students could wear their hoodies during their last few months at WAB.

The design competition of the Senior hoodie was led by Franklyn Z., President of the Student Council and himself a senior, and a small, creative team of dedicated Seniors. The design competition was opened for a few weeks last semester, with the draft ideas displayed in the HS, presented to the class, and put to a vote. A couple of rounds of voting later, the team met with the designers and the tailor to discuss the best way to produce the chosen designs, one design for the front and one for the back.

Larry Foz, our very talented desktop publisher at WAB, acted as their consultant and added professional touches to the final design. Mr. Polglase, as Grade 12 level leader, made it possible for the creative team to use assembly times to communicate with the rest of the grade. Jodi Hu, Student Services Manager and a proud Grade 12 parent, was the link between the school and the tailor; and Lyliane Stewart, as Grade 12 parent representative, helped the students with the timeline and the coordination of the ordering process.

The Class of 2012 Hoodies were unveiled by the school in early February, a well deserved post-mock exams treat, and Richard Liu, from the WAB Alumni office, organized an outdoor photo session for the Senior Class in the HS Wetlands, by the new mosaic tile artwork which was also produced by the seniors themselves as part of their Legacy Gift.

The Seniors are now proudly sporting their new black hoodies around the campus, which will no doubt bring out well-deserved respect from the rest of their peers! The organizers are grateful to everyone involved, and not least to the creative team who found the time to meet and lead this project during an extremely busy semester.

Go, Seniors!