WAB Alumni Re-Connect and Give Back in 2010

WAB Alumni Re-Connect and Give Back in 2010

The WAB Alumni Network was back on the road to kick-start the new year with four reunions worldwide. Director, Robert Landau, hosted the 3rd UK reunion in London at the Old Fire Station, which saw a great turn out of alumni staff and students, including two of our former directors, Mr. John McBryde and Mr. David Randall! The excitement followed Mr. Landau to Toronto, Canada where he was wooed in the Woo Lounge by alumni representing each of our three graduating classes.

The Boston alumni made a home run at Fenway's Bleacher's Bar for a second year, with Mr. Landau and Ms. Karen O'Connell, with the alumni this time hailing from MIT, Berkeley School of Music, Babson, Emerson, and Tufts. The second reunion in Vancouver, Canada, hosted by Richard Liu, WAB's Alumni Manager, celebrated the alumni staff and students for their gold medal generosity and spirit for the Green Roof project. After their Olympic-sized dinner at White Spot, the alumni took this opportunity to tour some of the 2010 Winter Games locations in the downtown core. The reunions will continue throughout the year and locally with the Alumni BBQ held in Beijing on June 1, 2010 at WAB.

In another bit of Alumni Network news, several alumni from the graduating classes of 2008 and 2009 visited WAB in early January. They participated in a panel for current grade 12 students (in the Class of 2010). Alumni were on hand to share their insight into life after WAB, from how to choose courses at university, to how best to use your time during gap year, to how to do your own laundry! Current students greatly appreciated learning from these recent graduates, who represented post-WAB choices such as university in the United States or Europe, art schools and studying Mandarin language here in Beijing. Sadly, Canadian universities had already begun their term before WAB returned from the holidays so we did not see many of our other alumni!

We were happy to see how successful WAB graduates are in their destinations around the world, and how fondly they remember their years at WAB. Chloe Stewart, WAB graduate, commented, "WAB is really an international school, it's great that you get to meet people from everywhere, it is definitely a plus." The HS Counselors are especially grateful to these students, who woke up very early during their holiday to share their knowledge with their peers.

The panelists included:

  • Chloe Stewart, Babson College (USA)
  • Sierra Yip-Bannicq, Pratt Institute (USA)
  • Mingwie Xia, Washington University St. Louis (USA) going to Cambridge University (UK) in Chemical Engineering
  • JJ Tan, Tufts University (USA)
  • Luisa Avendano Tobon, Beijing Language and Culture University (Beijing) going to Spain, USA or Colombia
  • David Grepl, Beijing Language and Culture University (Beijing) going to Switzerland
  • Joel Wood, Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)
  • Joe Bissell, Berklee College of Music (USA)
  • Hannah Kay, Clark University (USA) going to Emerson College