Graduate's Intuition Is Spot On

Graduate's Intuition Is Spot On

Last week, WAB High School's Humanities teacher, Martin Cannon, received a new book from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as part of a new series for the Diploma on "Approaching Assessment the IB Way." This particular volume was on Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

"As I was reading through some of the samples, tasks and examiner feedback, a few lines related to Lima and Peru in one essay caught my eye," says Mr. Cannon, "so I looked more closely and recognized the essay – it was submitted in May 2008 by WAB student and graduate Lisa Cannon (2005-2008) - my daughter!"

Lisa's essay is one of the "Excellent" Prescribed essays awarded 39/40 marks and featured as an example, together with a breakdown of its qualities as reported by examiners.

A pleasantly surprised Lisa commented, "I was really excited when I discovered that my Theory of Knowledge Prescribed Essay answer was published in a book of helpful tips for students of TOK. The title of the essay was, 'Evaluate the role of intuition in different areas of knowledge,' and I've long been interested in intuition as a concept, particularly being female! It was a great opportunity to read more on the topic and be able to research it for my TOK requirement."

For Lisa, the importance of the Theory of Knowledge course did not end there. "TOK was not only stimulating, but also fascinating, and has been useful to me since my graduation from WAB. I have been attending the University of Southampton in England for the last two years, and am taking a joint Honours degree in Spanish & History. I am about to begin my 3rd year, which requires language students to move abroad for the year; in October, I am heading to Cozumel, Mexico, to be a Language Resources Assistant for the year at the University of Quintana Roo."

Of course, she added, "Intuition tells me that it will be very exciting!"