Alumni Profile: Vicky Ding

Alumni Profile: Vicky Ding

Vicky Ding
WAB Graduating Class of 2013
Originally hails from Beijing and holds Canadian Citizenship

Where is she now?
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Bachelors Degree – open curriculum

Vicky says "be very sure of your choice and go for your dream school!"

She chose Brown University as its unique open style curriculum appealed to her. Vicky is now concentrating mostly on humanities subjects and she says the amount of reading required was a shock! She has read at least a book a week in her first semester and has quickly mastered the skill of fast reading. However Vicky feels it was not much of a culture shock being in the US. 'I fit in well being an international student. The students have diverse backgrounds even if they are from the US'.

During the first semester, Vicky has realized how valuable connections really are and how people around you can be a great source of help and inspiration. Listening to good professors and friends can introduce you to many new interests and develop your knowledge in different areas. She ends by saying 'taking courses you like to pursue is really important'.