Alumni Profile: Matias Kochlowski

Alumni Profile: Matias Kochlowski

Matias Kochlowski
WAB Graduating Class of 2011
Originally hails from Argentina
International student from 6 years old.

Gap Year: Studied Chinese language at Bei Da University and took an internship with an Argentinian company in Beijing. Worked initially as a translator and later managed small projects.

Matt feels that a gap year is a valuable time to find out more about yourself and what you can do in life. When you graduate you are at an in-between stage, an adult but not yet fully independent. Your parents are still paying for your education. Everyone has ideas about what you should do; parents, grandparents, counselors, even friends. Advice comes with love but can be overwhelming. It is important to first keep quiet and listen, to consider your decision, and then to master how to express yourself respectfully, in the right way. A useful start can be "I understand your point of view but..." In the end it's your own life.

Where is he now?
Catholic University of Cordoba, Argentina
Degree in Business Management

A positive internship experience led Matt to his choice of study, business management. He chose to return to the University in his family's hometown - which his father also attended. Matt's passion is for music and he is an accomplished classical guitarist. He is working on weekends as a DJ, making extra money for his studies. In the future he hopes to combine his music and management skills for a career in the music industry.

Matt's tip is to go outside your comfort zone - don't always stick with the same thing, be open, the world is always changing and so can you. He quotes "salgan y hagan lio".