Alumni Profile: Lucy Li

Alumni Profile: Lucy Li

Campaigner at WildAid

Class of 2007

WAB challenges its students to "make a difference." Lucy Li took that challenge to heart and now works as a campaigner for WildAid China, an international NGO aiming to end the illegal wildlife trade in products such as ivory, rhino horn and shark fin through public awareness. WildAid works with well over 100 celebrities - Yao Ming, Jackie Chan and Prince William to name a few - to create campaigns that are viewed on over 70 international and Chinese media outlets.

Lucy has supported several celebrity campaigns, including Yao Ming's "Saving Africa's Giant" documentary, Chinese actor Wu Xiubo's efforts to protect manta rays, and the "March for Elephants" family walk.

"I really enjoy what I do!" says Lucy. "WAB was where I discovered my love for event management while working on drama productions and WAB Idol."