Alumni Profile: Livi Zheng

Alumni Profile: Livi Zheng

Film Director

Class of 2007

After completing a Masters degree in Film, Livi Zheng became the first Indonesian female director to successfully enter the Hollywood movie industry. Writer- Director Livi is a multi-talented filmmaker holding a unique position as a skilled, experienced stuntwoman and actress who writes, directs and stars in her own action films.

Livi's first film "Brush With Danger," was released in 2014 to a full house in Los Angeles, USA, and entered the Oscar's short list for Best Picture. Her brother, Ken Zheng, an Indonesian martial arts champion and WAB alumnus, starred alongside Livi in her debut film.

"WAB ignited the courage inside of me, where it continues to live each day," says Livi, and refers to Lon Watters' famous quote, "School is a building with four walls with tomorrow inside."