Alumni Profile: Lawrence Pi

Alumni Profile: Lawrence Pi

Lawrence Pi
WAB graduating Class of 2011
Born and raised in Orange County, CA.

Where is he now?
Currently he is pursing a degree in Jazz Studies at California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA, studying with top call LA session musician, Jay Mason.

Lawrence is a founding member of a new 12-piece indie folkestra group called "Leather Tramp". In addition, he is leading his own small jazz group and performing locally in the area, such as Orange County, Long Beach, Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, and others. Lawrence has also recorded with local rising Blues star, Johnny Oskam, in his newest album "Soul Search".

In addition to playing music, Lawrence works as an audio engineer for live concerts and studio recordings. He has recorded for La Playa Larga All Stars, a Salsa band that is gaining huge recognition in the Southern California area. He has also mixed live concerts for Honey Whiskey Trio (2013 Harmony Sweepstakes National Competition winners) and was the personal sound technician for world renowned Pacific Standard Time Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

By the age of 14, Lawrence already knew he wanted to be a musician. But he is grateful that he got to experience the international culture at WAB. He arrived in Beijing straight from Orange County, CA where he grew up. "I was not very aware of the world around me. I grew so much as a person. I became more aware of the world, but I also grew as a person, because the environment that WAB created for me was more mature than that of my US school", recalls Lawrence.

Lawrence's tip: Make every minute of your High School and College career count. Go out and meet people. Be active. He was rather shy in High School, and it wasn't until college that he really started putting himself out there. Don't be afraid to chase the things you love. Work hard. You only get out as much as you put in. Talent can get you pretty far. Hard work will get you farther.