Alumni Profile: Kun Li

Alumni Profile: Kun Li

Name: Kun Li
Dartmouth College
Graduating Class: 2014
Originally from/nationality: Germany
Years at WAB: 5

What have you been doing since you left WAB?
I took a gap year in Beijing to do things I didn't have time for during high school, like reading and studying French. I had an internship with a venture capital fund focused on Chinese Internet companies, which introduced me to China's business world, which was previously inaccessible.

Where are/What are you doing now?
I am now a freshman at Dartmouth. I am interested in learning about history, government and international relations. The first year has helped me become more grown up and independent.

Do you have a tip for future WAB graduates?
Have a focus in your university applications. Demonstrate to the admissions office that you have a goal in mind when you're picking classes and choosing activities.

College is a lot about making choices – giving up some activities to perform better at others. You have to allocate your time for homework, social life, office hours, and doing your laundry.

How has WAB influenced what you're doing?
WAB didn't help me decide which university to attend, specifically. But the tight-knit learning environment at WAB was something I enjoyed. Dartmouth has a similar feel with small classrooms and lots of diversity.