Alumni Profile: Herman Chau

Alumni Profile: Herman Chau

Name: Herman Chau
Stanford University
Graduating Class:
Originally from/nationality: Born in Los Angeles, moved to China at age 11
Years at WAB: 4

What have you been doing since you left WAB?
I've been studying math at Stanford University. I have also been learning Japanese and computer sciences. I interned at Facebook in the summer of 2015, and got a full-time job offer to continue working there when I graduate.

Do you have a tip for future WAB graduates?
Work on personal projects, because you won't have professional experience. Companies want experience. Look for a job you're tangentially interested in – something you won't dislike. Have fun with what you're doing.

Look for internships early so you get a chance to see what work is like. Go to career fairs. Follow up with interviews, and hand out your resume.

Get computer science knowledge.

How has WAB influenced you and what you're doing/plan to do?
I enjoyed my time here. I started the math club. I started learning about and working on programming. I was able to pursue my interests, even if it was a hobby, which was very important. The dream is turning a hobby into a career. I'm still friends with lots of my friends from WAB and still getting input from teachers like Mr. Abrahams. I get so much support from the WAB community.