Alumni Profile: Colin Zhang

Alumni Profile: Colin Zhang

Colin Zhang
WAB Graduating Class of 2013
Originally hails from: it's complicated! Born in Australia, Canadian/US dual citizen, Chinese heritage, graduated in Beijing

Where is he now?
University of Pennsylvania, USA
BSc Economics

Colin feels that time management is an important skill to master. He says, "after graduation time is all your own. There are loads of options as to what you can do with your time but not the same structures in place to help as when you were at school."

When meeting new friends at college, Colin feels that the worst question is "where are you from?" Get an answer ready for this one. If it is complicated, as for many international students it is, no one will be listening by the time you get done explaining - and host country students often can't relate to this kind of experience. Many international students are actually local to their own country but often it is easier to find common ground when you are getting used to how things work in a new country together.

Colin's tip: Get involved! Outside of his studies, Colin has got involved in the University Campus TV Group. He feels that being a member of the geek force at WAB has been a very useful experience, and building on this Colin is already helping to transform the TV program and will be taking on a lead role next year.